People staying at tent shelters on Simmons Drive in Orange may be leaving sooner than expected. Orange County Judge Brint Carlton tells 12 News the target date to close the shelters is Sunday, October 15.

In the meantime, Judge Carlton says assistance crews are trying to find options for permanent housing.

Stephanie Brock and her family are among 38 people still staying in the shelter.

"People are starting to get stressed, they're feeling like they're having to hurry to find something and they're not sure what they're going to do. They're not sure if we're going to wake up the next day and 'okay we're shipping out,'" Brock said.

Brock says the assistance crews are offering evacuees housing, ranging from apartments to extended hotel stays.

"They came to us on the first day and the apartments across the street said, ‘Hey we'll get you an apartment.' I actually cried when they said that because it was just so like, ‘Wow, really?’" Brock said.

Brock hopes the dozens of others still struggling after Tropical Storm Harvey can find a home.

"They've fed us well, the security's been great, we're grateful for everything, it's just quick," Brock said.

Judge Carlton says no one will be kicked out on the street after the shelters close. He says that if permanent housing is not found, the shelter might stay open longer.