Rose City residents can turn their water meters back on after living without running water for over a month.

Residents are currently under a boil water notice but it could be lifted within a week according to Water Operator Jan Ratcliff.

Garret Smith, lives in Rose City and said he’s happy the city has water.

"We were having to bring water in from other places to clean and we have lots of tools and equipment in our garage that are being ruined because they haven't been cleaned," said Smith.

Since Harvey flooded his home he’s been living with family and friends. He said he is glad he will be able to start cleaning up his home.

"Now I can get the pressure washer in and get the tools and stuff I need to clean, its paramount," said Smith.

Ratcliff said workers with Jet Aeration helped with the water problem by fixing pumps, compressors and building a new chemical injection room for water purification.

She explains there was a three day delay with getting water back because some residents turned their meters on too early.

Garrett said having water back is a blessing.

"Faith gets me through every day, its trust and god that he’s got my back and he’s going to pull me through it so it’s been huge," said Smith.

If residents have issues with leaks you can call the water operator at Jan Ratcliff 782-3927 or Angela Beenen at 550-1699.