Rose City residents got a face-to-face conversation with the American Red Cross on Tuesday

The organization showed up to answer questions directly.

Rose city's Gerald Sarver, Jr. has been living in his truck with his dogs since Tropical Storm Harvey struck Southeast Texas.

Sarver says financial assistance can't come soon enough. He did not get the result he wanted.

"They couldn't tell us anything, all they do is say they're sorry, they say they understand but they're just volunteers," Sarver said.

Sarver says only immediate family members have helped him financially.
Sarver's words typify many of the frustrations in Rose City.

Despite that frustration, groups like the Cajun Gravy and the American Red Cross are trying their best to help everyone they can.

"It's unfortunately a long process with Red Cross, I wish I could get $400 to every family that's been a part of this, I really do but we can't, and so we have to go through the process." Chester Jourdan with the American Red Cross said.

Sarver hopes he can get some help soon.

"The government needs to step up and do what they're supposed to do too. We take care of them, the government should take care of us, bottom line," Sarver said.

Red Cross volunteers will be in Rose City to answer questions on Wednesday before moving to Pine Forest Thursday through Saturday.