Rose City is still feeling the effects of flooding after Hurricane Harvey.

The town and its nearly 300 residents haven’t had tap water since the flooding covered the area, including its water treatment plant.

Rose City Mayor Bonnie Stephenson says to her knowledge, all homes in the city except for one sustained flooding damage.

Homes and churches are gutted while flood waters washed away portions of many roads.

One thing that wasn’t broken was the spirit of some Vidor High School students who volunteered to help clear out houses.

"It's just crazy how one thing can mess up so many people's lives," Caiden Veazey, an incoming freshman said.

Veazey and his football teammates Trenton Conn, Dayton Whitmire, Logan Bell, Connor Ellis and Kameron Bievenue were part of yesterday’s crew.

"We didn't really flood so we were pretty much helping everybody else out. We've been in Mauriceville, Bridge City, Rose City, we've been everywhere really," Conn said.

Mayor Stephenson says volunteers like these boys is where the city needs help.

"We still need help because some people can't get in their house to clean it. We have some elderly citizens here and we need the help, we need manpower, and we need housing. Nobody has any place to stay," Stephenson said.

Whitmire says he feels humbled he can help in the recovery efforts.

“It was crazy to see the damage done but it's great we can help out other people," Whitmire said.

Several supplies can be found at City Hall, including 5,000 gallons of potable drinking water.

Stephenson is not sure when the water treatment plant will be running again.