The Rose City Baptist Church congregation was in full voice on Sunday morning.

The 99-year-old church has gone through two disasters within the last year, including a fire in August 2016 and flood damage from Tropical Storm Harvey over one year later.

Kelly Hopkins says it was a relief to hold service in her home church after nearly a year of service in First Baptist Church in Vidor.

"It's a blessing, I mean we've been struggling for almost a year,” Hopkins said.

“God has his reasons and he wants us back home," Hopkins believes.

Pastor Tony Wilcoxson, and his family of six children suffered flood damage to their home right next to the church.

Wilcoxson remains positive after new pews and a new educational building was destroyed in the flood.

"We were all excited and built up and it's like another punch in the gut deal, but it's exciting to see them all back here,” Wilcoxson said.

“They're excited, they're smiling. You know and we appreciate First Baptist for allowing us to use their facilities but that's not home, this is home," Wilcoxson said.

Hopkins is praying for the rebuilding process to go smoothly.

"I'd love to snap my fingers and it all be taken care of and done, but it's just going to take a little time to get where we need to be," Hopkins said.

Wilcoxson says that the sanctuary should be finished within two weeks.

The educational building will take a few months to complete rebuilding, according to Wilcoxson.