Residents in Port Arthur who were displaced by Harvey could be headed to Ford Park or some kind of camp after a pair of berthing barges failed Coast Guard inspection.

Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick tells 12News that all options are being weighed including using Ford Park, camps or "shelter-in-place" for residents displaced by Harvey.

The barges failed a U.S. Coast Guard inspection according to Judge Branick and will not be coming at this time.

Port Arthur Mayor Derrick Freeman and Judge Branick had previously said there would be two FEMA barges which would hold 300 people each coming to Port Arthur.

Previously County Judge Jeff Branick said FEMA and the “Texas Division of Emergency Management" are looking at other options for temporary housing such as mobile homes, trailers and shelters.

Officials are also looking into contractors with the Sheltering and Temporary Essential Power program who will make repairs to damaged homes and could allow people to move back.

Mayor Freeman posted this picture on Facebook clarifying the barges that will be use to house displaced residents.

EDS NOTE: A previous version of this story said that displaced residents were. going to be housed at Ford Park but we have been told that was inaccurate.