Preston Mayfield and his girlfriend, Anna Hall, were volunteering with the Cajun Army in Port Arthur when they noticed another need.

“We were cleaning out, and one of the guys that was cleaning out walked by with a little girls bicycle, and you know it was covered in mold and rust and it was ruined and the little girl said ‘man that was my brand new bicycle.’. We had just gotten those before all of this happened,’” said Mayfield, in Texas all the way from Alabama. “And my heart just sank and she (Hall) said we have to do something about that. I said well find me a Walmart, we got a stop to make.”

Stop is exactly what Mayfield and other members of the Cajun Army did when they bought new bikes and toys for Emynie and Messiah Armstrong after their family lost everything when Harvey flooded their Port Arthur home.

“When they came and brought the girls the gifts it was a surprise to me, my husband and my girls,” said Katina Levine Armstrong, the girl’s mother. “And it was a great experience seeing the girls were happy about getting new bikes because their toys were destroyed from the disaster so we just thank god for them.”

Even though the Armstrong’s lost almost everything, they are just thankful for the help they received on their home, and the kindness of strangers.

“We appreciate the love and support that they showed us,” said Katina

“Yeah they showed us real good support,” said Eliot Armstrong, the girl’s father. “That’s for sure.”

For Mayfield, seeing the girls on the bikes made trumps any manual labor that he’s had to do.

“We’re here to help you know, fix homes and stuff like that,” said Mayfield. “But we are here more for the people and anytime we can do anything like that with those little girls, just the look on their face when they got those bicycles back was just the best feeling in the world.”