The American Red Cross is shutting down one of its shelters in Beaumont at the Sterling Pruitt Center.

Red Cross says around 75 people remain in the shelter, however, the Red Cross is not kicking anyone out after the shelter closes.

Janice Johnson was displaced from her home and suffered a personal loss in the midst of Tropical Storm Harvey.

"I lost a lot of my personal items and in the midst of that my father passed away so it was extra sorrow," Johnson said.

Johnson feels relieved that FEMA has provided her with permanent housing.

Chester Jourdan with the American Red Cross says they are providing those resources and others to the people remaining at the shelter.

"We're wanting to make sure that everybody has an opportunity has a place to go from here to there, but at the same time we're wanting to do that in a way that's part of the recovery process," Jourdan said.

Johnson is relieved she can return to a normal life after Harvey devastated the area.

"After this long hard ride, being able to just lay down, watch TV, have some peace and quiet, peace of mind, that's what I need most of all," Johnson said.

The Red Cross says they are not registering new evacuees into the Sterling Pruitt Center.

Red Cross says they are working to find a place for any remaining evacuees to stay after the shelter closes on Saturday at noon.