Nearly 25,000 Entergy Texas customers in the Beaumont and surrounding areas were still without power Sunday, which was a vast improvement from the 192,000 customers who suffered power outages that resulted from Harvey.

More than 20,000 customers saw their power restored over the weekend alone, and another 8,000 customers were expected to have power again by the end of the day Monday, according to Entergy.

The remaining nearly 17,000 remaining customers, however, could wait up to 10 days before their power is fully restored because their services are sourced from substations that had major flooding, the company said.

"These customers are either served by substation equipment that was heavily damaged by flood waters, some of which are still flooded, or are still currently inaccessible due to high water," Senior Communications Specialist Kacee Kirschvink said.

Sallie Rainer, president and CEO of Entergy Texas, said Harvey's flooding severely damaged advanced equipment that protects the electric system -- causing the delays in restoration.

"We know any time without power is frustrating," Rainer said. "And, we are working on possible alternative solutions that could get customers back on sooner."

Some of those possible temporary fixes might include re-routing customers from other circuits or setting up mobile substations -- solutions that would require hauling in massive pieces of equipment from other electric companies, according to Entergy.

Entergy said it notified affected customers on Saturday, adding that a team of roughly 2,400 people from four states were working working to restore power.