If you drive down the roads in Port Arthur, you might notice thousands of trash piles on the side of the road, one man tells me that these trash piles are a health hazard to his family, especially his 7-month-old daughter.

"It's very bad, I can't even have my daughter out here, " says Mark Meza, who lives along Tyler Avenue in Port Arthur.

A stroller and other baby supplies are scattered among the big pile of trash in front of his home.

Memories and valuable items are left sitting on the side of the road from flooded homes.

"This was her home, and I can't even bring her back here," Meza says.

"It's completely heartbreaking," he says.

This trash buildup is a really concerning for him.

"Everyone emptied out their freezers and they had all that meat just out on the streets," Meza explains.

According to Risa Carpenter with the city of Port Arthur, over 15 trucks have already been circulating around the city.

The main focus being areas around schools, then the city plans to work their way outward to different locations.

This initiative, leaving those like Mark hopeful to see the city back to normal again.

"You want to see clean and delivery of assistance from our city," Meza explains.