It was a packed house inside the Lakeside Community Center in Port Arthur. Many residents wanting answers.

“My home right now is gutted out but what’s the future for me? I don’t have the funds to redo this home so my concerns are again, what is the city going to do for us?” said Loretta Evans.

The 60-year-old received over four feet of water inside her home and even though she is not in the “special flood zone,” she believes those who are being told to elevate their homes should get help.

“I don’t have the funds or the resources to elevate my home so if this is required thing for us to elevate our homes, I think they should step in and do it for us.” She explained.

Last week, some residents received a letter stating their homes affected by Harvey maybe considered a hazardous area and elevation maybe required after inspections.

“Substantial damage means if your home was 50% plus affected, then how do you compute that? It’s based on the fair market value of the home. If the damage amount to repair it is 50% or more than fair market value, then that’s what’s going to trigger the mitigation requirements not necessarily elevation.” Explained Kurt Pickering with FEMA.

At West Side Community Center, Port Arthur City Manager, Brian McDougal addressed the crowd and explained some living on the West Side may not have to elevate their homes.

Two more meetings are scheduled for Thursday October 12th at YMCA and the Senior Recreational Center in Port Arthur.