Despite suffering flood damage, a Port Arthur man says he isn't going to let Harvey stop his shine.

A Facebook post by Darrell Smothers is turning frowns upside down after recreating "MTV Cribs: Port Arthur Harvey Edition."

"Welcome to MTV cribs Port Arthur Harvey edition, let's go," exclaims Smothers at the beginning of his video.

He's giving good vibes during bad times, Smothers has become a social media sensation.

"I've been the class clown all my life," he says.

"I always wanted to see the light in the darkness," Smothers explains.

His video has been making waves having over 68 thousand views on Facebook.

"Guys told me to make the video public. and I did," he says, "It blew up after that!"

His 120,000 dollar home with 3 bedrooms, 2 baths, a double garage, and a motorcycle were completely destroyed by the flooding waters of Harvey.

"I'm 5 payments from fully owning my home," he says.

"Now I have to start all over again," he explains.

He's facing the storm with a great big smile, hoping to spread laughter amongst his bitter recovery days.

"I just want to try to be the light for what people are going through," he says.

"Sometimes you need to laugh to keep from crying," Smothers ends.

If you are interested in helping the family recover from Harvey, you can donate to his PayPal account

The following is a link to his GoFundMe page.