Tensions are running high right now for a lot of homeowners who are feeling frustrated and even overwhelmed at the work of recovering from Harvey.

People living in the Vista Village area of Port Arthur have mixed reviews on city leadership through the storm.

Greg Richard did not hesitate to question Mayor Derrick Freeman Monday, when the city official stopped off Linkwood St. to survey high water.

Richard demanded to know if everything was done to prevent wide-spread devastation during Harvey's unrelenting rain.

"Until we get something in writing about what actually happened Tuesday night, there's going to be a lot of speculation going on," said Richard.

The mayor is focusing on the future.

"[My focus is] getting assistance for our citizens," said Freeman. "Whatever it is that they need to rebound and rebuild their homes."

People living in the Vista Village neighborhood are eager to start cleaning. Many cannot return to their homes due to high water impassable at this point.

Water has drained from a few homes nestled blocks away from Highway 73. The residents are working together to pull out soggy furniture and water logged electronics.

"I'm still blessed," said Lelo Washington. "I know we do have some problem in Port Arthur but we are going to get them straight."

Washington has lived in the area for years. She is encouraging patience among her neighbors and dear friends.

Port Arthur homeowners exposed to unsanitary conditions in the clean-up process are encouraged to check with their doctor's about getting a tetanus shot.

The Health Department is offering the shots Tuesday at 1 p.m. at their building off Austin Avenue.