PNG athletes and coaches helped out parents who were volunteering or cleaning up after Harvey by watching their kids.

Student athletes watched about 71 elementary school students as they played basketball, dodgeball and other sports inside the school gyms.

Getting the chance to play with other kids is exactly what some kids needed after dealing with major flood damage to their homes.

“We played tag, dodge ball, kickball, it was fun,” said Gabriel Garcia.

8-year-old Garcia said he evacuated from his home when the flood waters started to rise.

“We all woke up and it was a foot deep everywhere,” said Garcia.

About 35 athletes volunteered to help watch the kids this afternoon. Some of the volunteers had major flood damage to their homes as well.

"They are cutting out the walls and stuff and it’s good to keep my mind off it," said volunteer Alicia Abshere.

She said her home on Stevewood Drive off Jimmy Johnson was flooded with seven inches of water.

Abshere said she waded out of waist deep flood water early Wednesday morning with the rest of her family.

“First thing I grabbed was my volleyball and my cheer stuff and I didn’t know what was going to happen and I didn’t want to ruin any of that,” said Abshere.

Abshere said helping out the little kids this afternoon helped cheer her up.

“It was nice seeing them smiling and hanging out even though they lost a lot and are keep going," said Abshere.

She said it was great opportunity to help out and watch the kids have fun.

"I just believe everything happens for a reason, God just throws things at you but it only to make you stronger," said Abshere.