As tropical Storm Harvey brought devastation to many Beaumont homes and businesses, North Point Community Church off of North Major Drive remained as a living example that not even a record breaking storm could devastate the House of God.

"I went through hurricane Ike back in Houston, but it wasn't nearly the impact as this was in the flooding,” said Freddy Wright, the Pastor for Northpoint Community Church.

Despite taking on the responsibility as the church leader, Wright wasn't exempt from what many had experienced during the storm.

"We live off of Tram road and the Pine Island Bayou and the waters continued to rise. We watched the waters come to the doors and finally there was too much water and had to drive out."

They would leave just before Tuesday, as many residents near the Pine Island Bayou were forced to escape the flood waters.

However, even though he and his family avoided being trapped in the flood waters, Wright would soon come back to find his home devastated.

"My family in particular we looked at each other and said we are worn out, we just worn out."

"I think it would be silly to pretend we are not humans and ask where God is in all this."

With the church not sustaining any substantial flood damage, Wright says it forced him to look at the building as an opportunity to preach about the miracles of God.

"We began to understand we needed to service our community and we actually had people calling from all over the country asking how they could help."

That help would lead to over 100 volunteers at the church, as Wright would establish it as a distribution center. For the next month, the church would be the beacon of light to over 20,000 in desperate need of help and supplies.

"People working together and unloading trucks and separating items and serving people."

As many people would carry out their acts of service, so would the church begin to reap in terms of growth of the church community.

"It was interesting to me that a couple of Sundays after the storm, through the distribution center, we would see familiar faces that came through the distribution center and were looking for a place of community and worship."

Wright says he believes it is important for those to understand that it doesn’t matter how strong the storm may be in your life, it matters how strong your faith is.

"What I remind our people is that God promises He is always with us. As a matter of fact, we as Christians believe that God tells us there will be trouble but God promises that even though we walk in trouble, He is with us."

If you would like to contact the church to find out how you can help their efforts in restoring Beaumont homes that were affected by the storm, you can call their front desk at 409-866-6967.