Officials in several counties tell us that debris clean-up is slow-going, this after Hurricane Irma hits the East Coast, slowing things down in Southeast Texas.

"It's crazy and sad because this is such a clean neighborhood, it looks beautiful when it's cleaned up," says Cheyenne Thomas, who lives in Nederland.

A sad sight for Thomas as her once clean neighborhood is now filled with piles of trash.

"I know not many people were hit here in Nederland, but you still see so many people with debris," she says.

Pick-up efforts have slowed down across several areas in Southeast Texas, In part due to the widespread affected areas of Harvey and now Irma's recovery efforts.

"It just makes it so difficult to live," Thomas says.

Nederland officials tell us that debris pick-up was first being conducted by 13 contract dump trucks, is now being handled by only 3.

The loss of crew members was due to sub-contractors leaving for Florida.

This trend extending beyond Jefferson county by slowing down debris removal in Orange and Hardin Counties as well.

Now they are asking the Texas Department of Transportation [Tx-DOT] for assistance.

So far 4 Tx-DOT districts have come to help with relief, this effort includes 16 new crews and 56 dump trucks.

Sarah Dupre with Tx-DOT tells us those contract workers will be picking up debris along state roadways, and employees will be assisting Jefferson and Hardin Counties along county roadways.

Thomas hopes the increase of help will make her neighborhood clean again.

"It sucks that we're stuck with all these trash piles," Thomas says.

Officials in Nederland are asking that if you have a trash or green waste piles that have been in front of your home for over two weeks, to please call the Solid Waste Department at (409) 723-1541.

Tx-DOT encourages everyone to please sort out debris before placing along the side of the roads.