Some prominent downtown Orange buildings, including the courthouse, suffered damage by flood waters. Folks in the area are getting creative to solve the problem.

"It's kind of been a community effort to get going," said Dan Harris at the Farmers Mercantile Co.

A lot of people in Orange were up and going Monday. The new week marked a time to clean up and restock. Harris was happy to receive a shipment of supplies for his feed store.

The Mercantile needed some attention after taking in a couple feet of water. Buildings next door to the feed store also suffered in the storm.

Market St. showed tell-tale signs of the storm with damaged items piled up outside of the Orange Community Players building. Across the street at the Orange County Courthouse, the first level also suffered some water damage.

The damage led to mold problems. Mold means the courthouse doors are locked up. The building will stay closed until further notice.

District Attorney John Kimbrough says air quality tests later this week should give officials an idea of how long they'll be displaced. His temporary office is set up at the Emergency Operations Center.

"When the courts start operating they need courtrooms," said Kimbrough. "They need areas and I'm not exactly sure how that's going to play out."

With the D.A. handling legal matters remotely, he's also been with the community in every step of the recovery process and even noting some remarkable stories.

"Now there's been some incidents but generally this has been a wonderful response of everybody helping everybody and just trying to pull together on this," said Kimbrough.

The District Attorney's office is getting phone lines set up. Staff should be reachable by Wednesday at the same phone number.