When Harvey hit Southeast Texas, hundreds of people were forced to evacuate their homes. Emergency shelters filled up fast and some people had nowhere to go.

One couple in Mauriceville decided to open their home to anyone in need. The Cornell's house has become a safe haven for people and animals from all walks of life. Strangers coming together to make it through a tragedy.

"I drove out in the community looking for people," said James Cornell. "I'd find people just walking along in the flood waters soaked. And I'd pick them up and bring them to the house."

The Cornell's have welcomed a total of forty-four people and fifteen dogs into their home over the past week. They say the situation has been an emotional roller coaster.

"I went to my room and cried and I prayed to God to give me strength so I can give hope to these people," said Connie Cornell.

The people taking refuge with the Cornell's say they also feel the weight of their new reality.

"At times it's more emotional than others," explained Becky Sonier, who is staying at the Cornell's house. "Especially when you sit down and realize you're homeless and you have never been your whole life."

Connie Cornell says there isn't a space in her house she hasn't tried to utilize.

Sonier is one of the fifteen people still saying at the house. She says not a day has gone by that she hasn't been taken care of.

"There's always food for them to eat, there's clothes if they lost all their clothes, if you have a baby there's diapers," said Sonier.

The Cornell's say they'll be housing people until they're no longer needed.