While many of us are at the table with family for Thanksgiving, there are still a lot of Southeast Texans still displaced by floodwaters from Harvey left without a home.

It's not a typical Thanksgiving but a very significant one for the Baird family, and just like them, Thanksgiving consists of dust, wooden beams, and family for thousands of people.

"I am thankful for my family, what we have, everything we've accomplished and because we're still here," Maria Baird says, whose home was completely lost to flooding waters.

She and her daughter Reyna are just two of the many people still left without a home.

"Thank God we're here today," Baird says.

"She [Reyna} is good, and we're all good," she says.

The storm might have taken all of their belongings except the good spirit of the family.

"I give thanks to God every morning when I get up," she says.

"Even if we don't have a table to eat, I'm thankful that the family is still together," Baird explains.

She says that this season is about looking past whatever storm anyone is facing and seeing things on the brighter side.

"Give thank you are still breathing because God gave you another day," she says.

Although they won't be celebrating dinner at their own home, it's the generosity of others that makes the magic of Thanksgiving.

"It just feels so good that somebody is doing something good to help your family," she says.