Lumberton businesses are opening their doors to many hungry customers now that U.S. 69 is open from Beaumont to Lumberton.

However, several neighborhoods in southern Hardin County and around Lumberton off Keith Road and Cooks Lake road are still struggling with flooding.

Customers across Southeast Texas came to Lumberton in search of a hot meal after dealing with the aftermath of Harvey.

“Just having a sit down meal, the little things like that we take for granted,” said customer Michael Jund.

Jund said this is the first time he’s had the chance to enjoy a nice meal after his home was flooded with 14 inches of water.

He evacuated to Louisiana during Harvey and is now going through the clean-up process with his son. Luckily, his family members from Marlin came down to help him.

The owner of Novrozsky's said he opened his store for the public on Friday.

“We have a community here that needs food they have been eating baloney sandwiches for four or five days and we wanted hot food for them,” said owner Bill Carden.

Tia Juanita’s in Lumberton opened their doors on Sunday for hungry customers who were craving some seafood.

Many of the employees like Cesar Chavez said they were happy to go back to work.

“I was going mentally psycho because I’m used to working all the time,” said Manager Chavez.

Chavez said his home was flooded with four inches of wter off Tram Road in Jefferson County.

"It was devastating, so we just got to rebuild that’s it," said Chavez.

He said helping out other customers in the same situation has helped him.

“For people out there who don’t have a home to go to, just stay strong and pray to God that everything is going to blow over,” said Chavez.

Lumberton Chief Danny Sullins said the curfew has been lifted within the city limits. However, a curfew is still in place from 8 p.m. to 6 a.m. in the harder hit areas off Taft Avenue and the Brushy Creek estates in Lumberton.

Chief Sullins also wants to let drivers know you can't get to Silsbee by going through highway 69. Instead, drivers need to take highway 96 to Highway 327 to get to Silsbee.

Hardin Coutny Judge Wayne McDaniel said 1800 homes in the county are considered a total loss. About 3500 homes in the county also received minor damage from Harvey.