ORANGE, Tx - Little Cypress students disappointed after find out they would miss the Scarecrow Festival at Shangri La Botanical Gardens in Orange.

"This is going to be my only year with my mother as a teacher, and I really wanted to go with her as my teacher and see the experience."

Ella Stephenson is a 5th grader at L.C.I. She and her classmates enjoy the activities the Gardens have to offer.

It's been a little over a month since Harvey dropped gallons of water across Southeast Texas affecting many business like Shangri La. Jennifer Buckner is the director of Horticulture and hopes the tourist hot spot will open soon.

"Before you know it we will be back open again and having all sorts of programs to go to."

The 5th graders have a planned trip to go to Shangri La in the spring and are ready to be back in thje Gardens enjoying their favorite activities.

Harvey left many of the structures with major damage. The structures recevied two feel or more of water inside. There is no set date on when it will reopen.