Jefferson County officials have submitted an estimate of $2.2 billion in Hurricane Harvey costs in the county so far to the state.

The numbers that Jefferson County provided at the state's request are for submission to the "Rebuild Texas Program" and are early numbers that represent a starting point according to Fred Jackson, assistant to the county judge.

County officials submitted the costs to the in the form of a worksheet provided by the state Jackson said.

The worksheet provided early estimates of storm costs in Jefferson County, however, it does not represent official totals according to Jackson.

The county was also able to include the cost of potential preventative measures that could be put in place to help in future storms.

Here are some of the amounts included on the worksheet...

Costs so far...

  • $750 million for around 15,000 damaged homes.
  • $750 million for silt removal from local waterways
  • $520 million for damaged bridges
  • $180 million for damaged roads
  • $10 million for storm-related expenses at the airport
  • $7 million to run water lines to homes with water wells left unusable
  • $4 million for generators fuel and other expenses
  • $3.5 million in Damage at the jail

Request amounts for improvements to help in future storms...

  • $50 million in improvements needed at Drainage District 7
  • $20 million to armor the lift stations at the LNVA because they lost several lift stations in the storm
  • $6 million to "harden" Ford Park with doors, generators and shower facilities for evacuees, etc.
  • $5 million to "harden" the Jefferson County courthouse and sub courthouse
  • $3.5 million to build a dome shelter as a future emergency management facility
  • $1.5 million for a generator and other items needed at the juvenile facility