Debris contractors for Jefferson County have begun to pick up debris all over the county and need to keep moving and get the job done in the interest of public health according a county commissioner.

If not picked up debris piles will soon become a public health hazard and attract insect, rats and other vermin Jefferson County Precinct One County County Commissioner Eddie Arnold told 12News.

Arnold specifically addressed residents placing "do not remove" signs on their debris piles In a letter posted to a Northwest Forest Neighborhood Facebook group Tuesday.

In the letter Arnold urged homeowners to re-visit any advice from insurance adjusters as the county must pick up the debris as soon as possible.

Arnold told 12News that he reached out directly to Northwest Forest residents because he had been hearing the debris contractors were dealing with the issue while attempting to clean up in the neighborhood recently.

He said he had been told they were encountering residents as well as debris piles marked with the "do not remove" signs.

Arnold stressed that in the interest of public safety all debris in the county must be picked up as soon as possible and said the county hopes to be finished within three to four weeks.

On a FEMA website dedicated to dispelling rumors the agency urged homeowners to keep receipts and other documentation and shoot photographs but not to put of cleaning out their property.

From FEMA | Rumor: Disaster Clean-Up And Inspections

There may be reports that disaster survivors should not remove flood-damaged sheetrock, flooring, carpet, etc. until the house is assessed by FEMA or insurance adjustors. This is FALSE. (September 5)
Cleaning up and making temporary repairs to your storm-damaged property will not disqualify you from federal disaster assistance.
Property owners are encouraged to document storm damage to their properties – either with photographs or video – and to then begin cleaning up and making whatever temporary repairs are necessary to make their homes safe and habitable again.
Put your health and safety first, take pictures of your damaged home, make repairs to prevent further damage to your property, and keep your receipts to show the inspector.