Harvey didn't just affect homes but thousands of cars across Jefferson County. This has brought an increase of business to local auto repair shops and created a backup in the County Tax Assessor Collector office

"After a storm, there is always an increase of business,” said Brian Schall, Manager for

Schall say his business would do an average of 72 oil changes and 35 vehicle inspections per day. However, oil changes are up to 82, while vehicle inspections have increased to 43.

"We’ve had to hire more employees to deal with the increase of new business,” said Schall.

According to the Jefferson County Tax Assessor-Collector office, they have seen an increase of nearly 600 title transfers per week.

"So that was a huge difference,” said Allison Nathan, Tax Assessor-Collector. Clearly it shows that people lost their vehicles and they needed to get something else.”

Getz says that the 45 day grace period for those who were due in August for a new registration sticker has passed.