Hundreds of people at the Groves Activity Center on Thursday night had many questions on their mind following the floods from Hurricane Harvey.

“What happened to our drainage system? What happened to the pumps?" said Tara Tate-Crittendon, a Port Arthur resident who was rescued by boat from her Port Arthur home.

She and many others came to the Activity Center to discuss filing a lawsuit against Jefferson County Drainage District Seven.

Residents claim the pumps failed to pump out water. The Reaud, Morgan and Quinn Law Firm that organized the meeting tells 12 News that they are looking into those claims.

Kris Grado was inside the meeting for fifteen minutes. She was handed a packet asking for personal information before she left.

"There's just a lot of tensions, and people want some answers, and we still really don't know anything yet," Grado said.

DD7 manager Phil Kelley tells 12 News that the system was never without pumping capacity.

Kelley says the Alligator Bayou pumping station ran out of gas on August 29 after pumping gallons of water. They could not add more fuel to the station until flood waters could recede.

Kelley believes no pumping system in the world could handle that rain.

Tate-Crittendon remains critical of the district’s work.

“Personally, I think they dropped the ball,” Tate-Crittendon said.

The Reaud, Morgan and Quinn Law Firm tells 12 News they are considering holding another public meeting next week.