It's been nearly three weeks since Hurricane Harvey made landfall and displaced thousands of Texans, about a thousand people ended up in local evacuation shelters. Wednesday almost two dozen boarded buses to head home to Beaumont, Corpus Christi and Houston.

"I'm very excited about that because I've just been waiting so patiently," said Tamara Davis, a Harvey evacuee heading back to Beaumont.

Others like Michelle McGowen know that there's nothing to go back to, the Aransas Park resident says her entire trailer is gone.

"I want to relocate to San Antonio because they have more resources, it seems and they're trying to help us," she said.

Several evacuees like McGowen can't get temporary housing through FEMA until they go back to their property even if they don't have any plans of rebuilding.

"Their house has to be determined to be uninhabitable and that's where the complication has come in because many of these people obviously can't get back to their home to let an inspector in to deem whether the house is habitable or not," said Jann Tracey with FEMA

For the evacuees that are left at Kazen Middle School, it's been an emotional road. Many say they want to begin the recovery process and don't want to be forgotten in the mix.

"We will not close the doors unless we know there is a viable option to go somewhere else," said Henry Van de Putte from the Red Cross.