Despite several members of the social work association being affected by Harvey, a group of Lamar University students has put in extra time to help others recover from the storm.

"Whenever we went to Port Arthur, it was devastating to see everyone's belongings thrown out," says Carley Exiga, President of the Lamar University Social Work Association.

"Our help is nothing compared to everything they lost," she says.

For Eiga, helping others is a natural habit, she is one of the hundreds of social work students at Lamar University dedicating their time to help with Harvey relief efforts.

"As the association, we've been helping put stuff into cars at distribution sites," Exiga explains.

"It's hard work, but we still love to do that, she said.

"The students are getting actual experience by being out there," explains Dr. Ginger Gummelt, Ph.D., a professor at Lamar.

"When they heard about this, we didn't have to put a message out to get them out of the community and help," says Dr. James W. Marquart, PH. D.

The Social Work Association has totaled over 250 service hours in recovery help.

"They are required over 15 hours in some classes, 20 in others, and they've met their hours in first two weeks," says Dr. Gummelt.

"They have that compassion, whenever they can help with the assistance they spring to it," says Chris Robertson, Director of the Disaster Response for Catholic Charities.

It's learning from disasters what these students are using to help those who are in desperate need of help after losing it all.

"We help the poor, the vulnerable, and the oppressed, and right now that's the entire community," Exiga explains.

The group will meet Monday the 9th at 3 PM in the Galloway Building room 140.

They will share personal struggle stories to help avoid trauma amongst their peers