Gator Country slammed the national media Sunday, claiming national reporters blew the escaped gator story out of proportion.

The alligator theme park, which is located at 21559 FM 365 west of Beaumont, said 25 small gators that were in trailers escaped but posed no risk to the community.

Owner Gary Saurage said national media outlets scared people by making them think the gators put their lives in danger.

“My issue is that I did interviews with CNN and HLN so that I could educated people of what to do when you ran into a nuisance alligator, but they truly blew it out of proportion. All they wanted was ratings, when in fact the people of SETX know how to live with gators. Everyone knows, stay away from alligators and they will follow the water when it goes away," Saurage said.

The park is still flooded with about a foot and a half of water, according to Saurage. The 25 alligators that escaped were in about the 3-6 foot range, he said. All of the park's larger gators were still there, as of Sunday.

Saurage said his team has been on patrol looking for the smaller escaped gators, and nobody had found or called one in, as of late Sunday afternoon.

Gator Country expects the calls to start coming in has the water recedes further. Saurage said gators will follow the water as it leaves peoples' properties.

The park's largest gators Big Al and Big Tex were put in trailers before Harvey rolled through to make sure they were safe during the storm.

If you see one of the smaller gators in your area, please call Gator Country at 409-794-9453.