A non-profit in Kountze that provides a free hunting program for disabled veterans is asking for help after suffering damage due to Hurricane Harvey.

Since 1998, Indian Springs Special Needs Camp off of Holland Cemetery Road in Kountze, has been a landmark for disabled veterans.

The camp lost several key items, such as a fishing pier, bridges and several boats, that help disabled veterans navigate around the camp.

HELP | GoFundMe account for Indian Springs Camp

Founder, Ronnie Stockholm, says that $20,000 is how much it would cost to replace the items.

"It gives them a chance to get out of there to experience nature and we are trying to get our camp back in order," said Stockholm.

"It gets them a chance to get our of their disability and back into a nature area, so they can enjoy what you and I take for granted, he said.

Since the storm its been difficult for Stockholm to continue on delivering on the camp's mission.

"We lost a lot of bridges, we lost our piers, we lost our boats," he said.

Stockholm says nearly 14 feet of the camp's 200 acres were consumed with floodwater putting a damper on the camp's operations.

"We are trying to get our camps back in order, we are trying to get our feeders back and going again, Stockholm said.

In the meantime Stockholm is waiting until he has enough funding to replace what was lost so that his disabled vets can enjoy nature again.

"It breaks the ice, where they can come down to earth again and get their things off their chest because they are surrounded by veterans."