Restaurants are on the rebound after Harvey hits Southeast Texas, the Boudain Hut in Port Arthur took a big hit and is working to make a comeback soon.

"Since the storm, it has been difficult and it's very upsetting to see two feet of water in here," says Mark Trahan, owner of the bar/restaurant,

"We're going to make it," He says.

Once vivid with live music and sounds, the Boudain Hut is now an empty room that is eerie in silence.

"We had about a foot of water at 11 PM that night, came back and had about 2 feet of water," Trahan says.

And just like him, thousands of small business owners are still struggling to come back to life after the storm.

"We had regulars come every weekend and customers come down all the time, it's just a well-known place," Trahan explains.

Just like the hit at "The Hut", over 33,000 jobs were wiped out last month across the nation.

Irma and Harvey both took a toll on the Southern United States coast.

"People try to come in thinking that we're opened, but nope," Trahan says.

With thousands focused on rebuilding their lives and homes, going out to eat is a least of a priority.

"To be able to rebuild and get everyone out here is going to take a lot," Trahan explains.

Now, business owners like him are putting in extra hours hoping to start their business from scratch all over again.

"We will be back open and hopefully be bigger and better," Trahan says.

Trahan tells us that the goal is to have the Boudain Hut up and running by December the 1st.