Drivers tell us that trash on the road is becoming a major safety hazard, several callers made to the newsroom say pick up trucks have been dropping debris to the middle of the street.

"It can fly, you can run over it, pick up nails and even hit a windshield," says Melvin Cesar, who lives in Port Arthur.

Pieces of wood and other debris are seen being ran over in the middle of the roads.

"That's something we can't help," Cesar says.

"If it's going to fly out, then it's going to fly," he says.

For those who constantly have to drive back and forth like him, debris on the roads is quite concerning.

"There's just so much amount of it, and we can't do anything about it," he explains.

It's chunks like the ones seen Wednesday morning over Proctor street and 11th Avenue.

The person responsible, nowhere to be found.

According to the Texas Department of Transportation, their trucks have not been handling debris off Proctor.

Port Arthur spokesperson Risa Carpenter says the city has and will continue to have monitors following the dump trucks, allowing them to report items that might fall off their vehicles.

Despite the debris being seen at such an unusual place, says it's up to good samaritan to help make the streets less of a hazard.

"We all got the devastation from Harvey and we have to stick together," Cesar says.

The workers that were cleaning up the mess say despite it not being their jurisdiction, they cleaned it from the kindness of their heart, to make sure no driver gets hurt.

So far, a total of 216,000 cubic yards

Crews picked up mess after speaking to officials

— Juan Rodríguez (@_JuanRodriguez_) October 12, 2017