Family members of 41-year-old Colette Sulcer and the father of 3-year-old Jordyn Grace Falade are now battling for her custody.

A hearing took place on Thursday at the Jefferson County Courthouse in Judge Randy Shelton’s courtroom.

Sulcer drowned last month in Harvey’s floodwaters in Beaumont. Jordyn was clinging on to her and survived.

Now, Jordyn’s father, Adedara Falade says he wants his child back. The 3-year-old has been staying with Sulcer’s cousin, Anita Allison.

Allison claims Falade was barely involved in the child’s life and should be “supervised” if he wants to see her.

“I’ve met him twice and we did not know Colette had married him and Colette brought Jordyn back when she was three months old and I’ve never seen him in Beaumont since.” Allison said.

Falade claims otherwise and explained he would contact the child through Facetime. Falade lives in Houston.

“I came to seek justice from the people who took my child after the death of my wife.” Said Falade.

The first person to testify in court on Thursday was Sulcer’s landlord. “I understood she was a single parent.” she said in court.

Falade’s lawyer filed an action for the return of the child. Allison filed a law suit against Falade.

Antoinette Logan, also cousin of Sulcer, said Jordyn is a happy little girl despite the tragedy.

“She’s a typical 3-year-old. She’s playing, enjoying her friends, enjoying her snack time.” She said.

Allison took the stand on Thursday as well. Hearing will resume on Friday at 10 a.m. where Falade is expected to testify.