Alecia White had mixed feelings after attending the meeting about the future of Central High School.

"There were some positive points but it's still confusing, they say the kids are going to be excited but they don't know the kids are nervous, upset, confused," White said.

White's daughter is a freshman taking honors classes. White was happy to hear that her daughter’s curriculum would not be affected by the short-term changes for students.

The decision to move ninth grade students into separate buildings at Central and tenth, eleventh and twelfth grade students to Austin Innovation Center was made after mold was discovered in Central’s main building last Tuesday.

Beaumont ISD Superintendent Dr. John Frossard discussed his last walkthrough in the building.

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"When we had it retested last Thursday, during the testing we got a heavy rain, you could observe the building leaking while the retesting was going on. And since then we've had several additional rains that have compounded the problem," Dr. Frossard said.

"At this time we don't have an estimated cost or timeline to repair Central's main building," Dr. Frossard said.

White is a Central alum and doesn't want to see the Jaguar legacy die out.

"I mean, fix the school. Central has been needing to be fixed for a long time, that's no secret that it's an old school," White said.

Dr. Frossard made other announcements at tonight’s meeting.

Shuttle buses will carry students from Central to Austin Innovation Center. Ninth graders will be dropped off at Central’s campus first before students are taken to Austin.

All Medical Magnet programs and other classes will not be impacted, according to Dr. Frossard.

The graduation date for seniors will not change and class rankings will not be affected.

Central football players will practice on their home field while other sports will be held at Austin Innovation Center.

Discussions about the long-term options for Central will be held with the public, according to Dr. Frossard.