Central High School parents are anxious after Beaumont ISD released reports that indicated mold was found inside the main building of the campus.

"Horrified, see I let my son enter into that school. He's been there inhaling all that,” said mother Joeann Kelly.

Kelly is thinking about making a trip to the doctor’s office with her son Tevin Ferguson especially since he takes medications for his seasonal allergies every night.

“He’s been having headaches, no sleep and every day he’s worried about what’s going on," said Kelly.

Beaumont ISD released reports last night from the contractor All Points Environmental LLC. In the report, it said mold was found on ceilings, AC units and lights in classrooms on Sept. 19.

Students went to school on Sept. 20 and 21 but BISD said they received the letter from the contractor about the mold issues on the Sept. 20.

"When he went into the school for the first day I noticed something wasn’t right he’s been complaining about headaches," said Kelly.

Director of Respiratory Therapy at Baptist Hospital, Steve Deatrick said it would be easy for students to breath in mold because it was located near an AC unit.

“In a closed room with air circulating, circulating those pores makes it easier to inhale that way,” said Deatrick.

He explains students with allergies or asthma would be affected the most.

"If you are showing signs and symptoms of difficulty breathing do not wait seek medical attention," said Kelly.

Kelly said it’s better to be safe than sorry and said she will go to the doctor if it means making sure her boy is safe.

"It’s stressful, real stressful and sometimes I want to cry," said Deatrick.

The respiratory therapist said students who don’t usually struggle with allergy problems could experience symptoms in a week if they breathed in mold.

He wants to emphasize if students start to show signs of a running nose, cough or sore throat that they should go to the doctor immediately.