Thousands of people are still searching for contractors to repair or rebuild their flooded homes, a Vidor family says they estimate to be back in their home by next spring.

"You have to make up your mind that everything is gone," says Robert Babb, who had a little over 4 feet of water inside his Vidor home.

Such a devastating sight for both Robert and his wife Anne.

"This house has never flooded in 58 years," Anne says.

Their home in Vidor was completely ruined.

"We're probably going to be spending a total of over $100,000 in rebuilding," Robert says.

Beams and bars now make up the areas that were once rooms.

"The next thing we'll do is run shockwave to kill mold spores," Anne says.

As time passes, progress continues as they are now in the process of rebuilding their home.

"There's a lot of little steps that have got to be done," Robert says.

According to the Associated General Contractors of Southeast Texas, there is a lack of local labor workers.

The reason why is that many of these labor workers homes also suffered storm damage.

"We have a contractor in mind from Louisiana," Robert says.

"These guys will give us a bid, and we will make a decision whether we go with them or someone else," he explains.

Out of town contract workers are now in town ready to rebuild.

"We'd love to have other people's review," Robert says.

"That way we can go back through contractors to make the right choices," he explains.

This lack of labor worker is slowing things down from a speedy recovery.

"All of this pain and heartache was put behind us, there is a brighter day ahead," Anne explains.

Robert tells 12News that they are very fortunate to have flood insurance, making the process easier in rebuilding their home.

Again, Robert and Anne hope to be back in their home by spring.

The Association of General Contractors stresses to be sure you have reputable contractors and investigate them before handing out your money.