The games that count start next week for district 22-5A, and after Harvey ravaged Southeast Texas, many teams don’t have much game experience on the early season. The Port Arthur Memorial Titans, aren’t going to let the time off affect their game.

“It’s very interesting, but we preach to our kids all the time that they have to be prepared for any situation,” said Titan Head Coach Kenny Harrison. “This situation has come up where we are going to start the season in district so we just have to be prepared and ready to go next Wednesday.”

The Titans will start district play early after exchanging bye weeks with Vidor in order for the Pirates to get better prepared for the season. Harrison believes all of Southeast Texas will need time to get back in the swing of things.

“I just think the team that gets back to normalcy the quickest will be successful, and that is what we are striving to do,” said Harrison. “Get our kids back on a routine, and up until this point I feel real good about the direction we have been going the past couple of weeks.”

Because after Harvey, life off the field can weigh heavy.

“We got a little bit of flooding,” said Senior Defensive End, Braydon Williams. “I lost my home. Right now we are living in a hotel room, but you got to look at it like this, bad could go to worse.”

For the Titans, football has served to bring players together again.

“Man it’s good,” said Williams. “We came together, we bonded as a family. One person go get something he not thinking about himself, we all going to get something. It’s a family thing man.”

As far as the game against Beaumont Central next Wednesday

“I mean they’re a good opponent, but we’re going to go out there and win for sure,” said Defensive Back Javontae Hopkins