The Port Neches Groves Indians baseball team, is a team on a roll. Getting past Brenham in two games and now on their way to round rock. So what’s the secret behind their success?

“Alright so we picked him up at a CiCi's pizza after a game and we have kept him with ever since and he been good luck.”

PNG catcher Zack Deckert is talking about a blue alligator that he won in a crane game after a tournament. The gator or as he’s known to the team…

“We call it gaby bator,” said Senior second baseman, Logan LeJeune

The gator has brought the team very good luck. Going on a 17 game win streak when he joined the team. As to how the gator got his name?

“Well we have these gloves called baby gators and we kind of just flipped the name around, and kept him with us because hes a baby gator,” said Deckert. “So it kind of just worked out.”

And according to Coach Scott Carter, this is all a part of the team chemistry that he has seen grow throughout the season.

“The team chemistry has been outstanding for this team,” said Carter. “There is no individuals. No one is really standing out. It’s all about everybody. Everybody has everybody’s back. It’s been a big thing for us this year.”

You can catch the gator and the Indians at Dell Diamond in Round Rock at 4 pm on Thursday.