A Houston Texan fan has created a GoFundMe page to buy out the contract of struggling Houston Texan quarterback Brock Osweiller

Osweiler has two years to show the Houston Texans he’s worth the money it cost to lure him away from the Denver Broncos, but fans are starting to get impatient

Osweiller has struggled at times, especially during bigger games. His latest loss came Monday night against Denver in front of a national audience.


The four-year, $72 million contract will pay him $37 million in the first two years that is fully guaranteed for practical purposes.

According to contract details obtained by USA TODAY Sports, Osweiler will make $21 million in 2016 in the form of a $12 million signing bonus, $5 million roster bonus due this month and $4 million guaranteed base salary. His $16 million base salary in 2017 also is fully guaranteed.