The Astros have had an amazing season so far.

They have a far better record (41-16) than what I thought they were going to have at this part of the season. Don’t get me wrong, I knew they were going to be good, but this good?

The team has been getting contributions from all of the players on the roster including some call-up’s, but a noticeable problem is the starting pitching depth. The team has weathered a lot of storms so far. Getting decent outings from Charlie Morton and Brad Peacock. Now Morton is on the D.L. and you’re left hoping that Mike Fiers won’t give up three home runs ever start.

So, as the season progresses the problem you will find is the inability to go deep into games by your number three through five starters.

So where do they go?

Buster Olney of ESPN is reporting that the Astros are in search of a trade and are heavily testing the market.

The problem is the market isn’t that great.

The names being thrown around are:

Gerrit Cole of the Pittsburgh Pirates. He is currently the hot commodity, but the former all-star is pitching to the tune of a 3- 5 record and a 4.27 era. He also has already given up 15 home runs this season.

Another option could be Oakland’s Sonny Gray. A name that has been thrown around in trade rumors for what feels like five years now. What you will find though is more of the same. Only 2-2(not terrible for being on a team as bad as the A’s) but a 4.72 era. Although this might be the lesser of two evils because other than a terrible era, his numbers across the board are decent.

And one to avoid, the once highly valued Jose Quintana. Whose’ name has been linked to the Astros since the winter meetings. The white sox pitcher, thought to be the easy replacement for Chris Sale after he was traded to Boston, has struggled mightily this year. He comes into Sunday with a 2 -7 record, and horrible 5.60 era. He’s also given up 10 homers on the season.

So again, what do they do? I say don’t waste assets on players that could mess up the chemistry on this team. Wait as long as possible. Possibly give a prospect a chance. But don’t waste assets just in the name of making a trade.

That mentality has hurt the Astros in the past (see: Carlos Gomez). So wait. Be patient. And maybe, just maybe, this team as is, can take you all the way.