Dallas police have suspended their investigation of an alleged assault that a source said involved Cowboys running back Ezekiel Elliott, citing a lack of witnesses and an inability to contact the victim.

In a statement released Wednesday, the Dallas Police Department said it has "made several attempts to contact the victim through various ways but at this time have not been able to make contact."

The incident occurred at a Dallas bar late Sunday night and left a 30-year-old man hospitalized with a nose injury, according to an initial police report. No arrests were made, and police did not name any suspects.

The police statement Wednesday also announced that "no witnesses have come forward to provide any additional information about this incident."

FRISCO, Texas -- Dallas Cowboys coach Jason Garrett has yet to speak with Ezekiel Elliott regarding the running back's alleged involvement in an incident at a Dallas bar, but he said he will do so Friday.

Garrett did not want to get into any of the specifics surrounding Elliott at the moment. Owner and general manager Jerry Jones has spoken with Elliott, as have other members of the organization, according to Garrett.

"We're still gathering information on what that whole situation was," Garrett said. "Zeke's someone we believe very strongly in as a person and as a football player, and we're going to continue to believe in him and try to put a structure around him -- and all of our players -- to help them make great decisions and grow on and off the field."

The recent Elliott story comes after cornerback Nolan Carroll and linebacker Damien Wilson were arrested in connection with off-field transgressions that could lead to potential penalties from the league -- in addition to law enforcement. Carroll was arrested on a DWI charge in May, and Wilson was arrested on two counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon on July 4.