Coach Bill O’Brien on embattled starter Brock Osweiler: "Brock is our starting quarterback, and that's the way it is."

Houston has lost two in a row and leads the Tennessee Titans by a half-game in the AFC South and the Indianapolis Colts by one game.

You said yesterday that you’re not going to change starting quarterbacks. What do you see that gives you confidence QB Brock Osweiler can play better and be more consistent?

“There’s 160 plays in yesterday’s game. The game usually turns on between eight to 10 plays. Some of those plays weren’t very good. I’m talking about the whole team. But a lot of the plays were good, so what happens is when you get into these games where San Diego makes a few more plays than you do, a few less mistakes than you do, you’re not going to win the game.

Now as it relates to the quarterback spot, one of the things that I really try hard not to do is to – obviously, the head coach and the quarterback take the most criticism when you lose, that’s the nature of the business and we all understand that – but there are 11 guys on the field.

There’s an offensive line, there’s running backs, there’s receivers, there’s tight ends. Could Brock have done some things better yesterday? Absolutely. Could the offensive line have played better yesterday? Could I have coached better yesterday? Absolutely. It’s a team sport. Brock is our starting quarterback and that’s the way it is.”