This is my opinion:

I want to take a moment to write about something that is on my mind.

A year ago today the world lost Muhammad Ali.

Now I’m too young to have ever seen him fight in anything other than clips online.But even so, his political and social impacts echo with me today.

On top of that his impact on athletics are unmatched. Never before had we seen a man as big as him move like he did. Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee indeed.

Never before had we heard an athlete proclaim that he was the greatest of all time. It was outrageous when he said it. It just wasn't done. The ultimate trash talker, with the guts to try and back it up.

In Ali’s day, no one ever imagined calling themselves the greatest of all time. Now we have "the greatest" debate, every single day.

Whether it be about LeBron James vs. Michael Jordan, or Tom Brady vs. Joe Montana. We make the same worn out arguments every day.

Now Ali might not have the best record, and you might not agree with the stances he took.

But at least Ali left nothing to the imagination. "I am the greatest."

Rest in peace Muhammad Ali.