Midnight madness, a holiday of sorts for high school football players. A chance to strap on the pads and hit for the first time. And in Evadale, Texas a decade long tradition.

“Kids the first time we practice in shorts come up to me and say ‘coach when we are going to go to midnight madness?’”, said Head Coach Mark Williams. “So it's kind of tradition”

According to Coach Williams, it’s been big from the start.

“It’s outstanding,” said Williams. “You know the first time we did this 11 years ago, we told people we didn't think anybody would be here. We just kind of came up with it and we walked out and saw our little community out here. The whole town just about. And we though this is really neat and the kids have really responded.”

After a three way share of first place in their district last season, quarterback Tyler Torres has high hopes after the first full contact practice.

“Oh we are coming for district,” said Torres. “Most definitely. That's every team’s goal, but we are coming to win district.”

Travel about an hour north and you will find the district 12-2A rivals Colmesneil Bulldogs in the early stages of their Midnight Madness tradition.

“We were able to get a little bit more out, said second year Head Coach, Ross McMurry. “Get a little bit more people out. Last year, we didn't have a great turn out but it was the first year. But it’s better for our kids.”

For coach McMurry, he is trying to also establish a tradition on winning. Only going 1-9 on the season last year.

“That's one thing that I’m trying to push is that I’m going to be here,” said McMurry, a Colmesneil graduate. “I’m going to be committed to them. And I’m going to be here for as long as i can to continue to push and grow this program.”