New, in things you can consider sports, but you'll never see me doing, ever

Mountain climber Alex Honnold did something that you may never see again, he “free solo climbed” a 3,000 foot open rock race named El Capitan. The rock, more a mountain really, is located in Yosemite National Park.

In case you didn’t know what free climbing is, no rope. None. He climbed this beast using nothing but his hands and some chalk.

Also get this, this spectacular human being did this in under 4 hours. The only thing I can really do that quickly is finish a large pizza by myself.

And if you’re wondering how tall 3,000 feet is? The tallest building in the world is only 2, 717.

Good job man. This is an incredible accomplishment. You have done what few will ever do. And you have also sent shivers down the spines of whoever is currently reading this.