An 11-second video posted on the web shows what appears to be a late hit when a Silsbee defensive player slams the Jasper quarterback to the ground in last Friday's game in Jasper.

In the video, shot during third quarter play, Jasper quarterback Leontay Sells (5) hands the ball off to a running back on a sweep right and then appears to be standing still watching the rest of the play unfold.

As Sells stands facing toward the right side of the field a Silsbee defensive back wearing number 23 appears to blindside him at full speed knocking Sells to the ground.

Watch here if you can't see the video.

Sells, who visited a concussion specialist in Houston on Wednesday, will not be able to play this week according to Jasper head coach Darrell Barbay.

Barbay told 12News he is not sure when Sells would be able to play again

After the Jasper trainer got to the downed player and got him back to his feet he informed Coach Barbay that Sells was done for the night.

Sells seemed tired and out of it afterwards which are signs of a concussion Barbay said.

Barbay also said Sells has been having constant headaches since last Friday night.

Silsbee High School head coach Randy Smith refused to name the player who made the hit but told 12News that he had been punished.

Smith did say that the current roster was incorrect for the game as the unidentified player was wearing someone else's jersey for the game last Friday night.

Smith told 12News that the situation had been handled "in-house" and that the Texas UIL had been informed of the punishment.

In a statement released Wednesday evening Silsbee Superintendent Richard Bain acknowledged that a Silsbee player hit a Jasper player late on a play on Friday, September 15.

According to the statement "internal action" was taken as if a penalty had been called and the player had been ejected from the game.

In the video an official can be seen several feet away from the hit but he did not throw a flag on the play.

Bain, in his statement, said the Silsbee player's actions were not condoned and that he had been disciplined according to the district's athletic handbook.

According to the Silsbee ISD 2017-2018 Athletic Handbook “any student athlete ejected from a contest may be subject to suspension and or removal from the team."

Smith would not confirm what the punishment was instead referring to the superintendent's statement.

12News reached out to Silsbee ISD Communications Director Daniel Elizondo who told 12News he could not release the player's name or any details of the his punishment.

From Silsbee ISD superintendent Richard Bain...

During the Silsbee/Jasper football game at Jasper on Friday, September 15, a Silsbee player hit a Jasper player late on a play.
Though no flag was thrown, after reviewing the play on video the Silsbee Athletic Director/Head Football Coach, Randy Smith, with support from administration, made the decision to take internal action as if a penalty and ejection had been called.
The actions of the Silsbee player are not condoned and he has been disciplined according to the Silsbee Athletic Handbook.
We hope and pray that the Jasper player recovers quickly, and that both communities can move forward."

From Silsbee High School Athletic Director & Head Football Coach Randy Smith...

High School Football is a game played by student athletes, and sometimes these students make mistakes.
Our job as coaches is to mold these young boys into men that become good husbands, fathers, and productive citizens.
Any punishment given to any athlete in Silsbee ISD will be in line with UIL guidelines and Silsbee ISD Athletic policy. As coaches, we must work to make this great game of football safe.
After the Silsbee vs. Jasper game on September 15, we have two players, one from each team, sitting at home with concussions.
Both of these video clips have been sent to the UIL and TASO for review. I pray that both of these young men have a speedy recovery.