Former players for PNG baseball teams past, joined the players for a traditional team meal to offer advice and well wishes.

“Have fun,” said Allen Harrington, who played on the 2004 team that went to the State Semi-Finals. “Enjoy it. Soak it up. Play like you have been. Don’t do anything different. It’s worked for you, so well, so far. Just do what you’ve been doing.”

For Mitch Murdock, who does Public Address Announcing for the team, he is enjoying the ride.

“I graduated in 1986, and we made it to the second round of the playoffs,” recalled Murdock who also has a son on this year’s team. “To be in the 6th round in the state tournament, for these guys is just a dream. Just surreal that they are going through this.”

Bryan Bost, who also has a son on this year’s team, has seen the team transform in front of his eyes.

“When you watch there was something special they are doing something pretty magical for themselves, and for our community,” Said Bost, who played for PNG in the 90’s. “It’s just been great to watch them. At some point during the season we all kind of said hey this is a pretty special team. And just watching them go out and win every single week has been pretty awesome.”

Jason Stutes, who also was on the 2004 team, says the team just needs to go out and play ball.

“Just stay focused,” said Stutes. “You know the ultimate goal is to win a state championship. Don’t worry about your surroundings and all the fans. And the hype going into it. Just stay focused and win a state championship.”