Even though he refused to pick a definite national champion between the Dawgs and Tide, Damon West told 12 News on Thursday that the programs do an incredible job keeping their student athletes focused on life, not just football.

"They're not just there for four years to play football, and the commitment to it at that level with Georgia and Alabama it's just unprecedented, and I think that's what makes them the great institutions that they are. They place a lot of emphasis on being well rounded," said West.

West even added that Kirby Smart has as good of a chance as anyone to knock off Nick Saban and become his first assistant to ever beat them.

"You can't count Kirby out, he's enthusiastic, full of energy, he's got a lot of the same Nick Saban qualities when you talk about preparedness and working hard. That's the thing about Nick that makes him so great, he works harder than everyone else, but Kirby Smart does the same thing."

The National Championship is Monday night at 7:00 on ESPN.