This Friday, the YMCA of Port Arthur and Acadian Ambulance Services will host a CPR class to prepare babysitters to handle medical emergencies.

The class was in reaction to a mother who wasn't able to get her 16-year-old daughter the CPR training she wanted because of a full spring roster.

"She said her daughter was very interested in learning CPR and so I offered to meet her here and bring a mannequin and teach her," said Katrina Dickens, an E.M.T for Acadian Ambulance Services.

Dickens says she decided to host a CPR class with YMCA Port Arthur to prepare babysitters to handle most emergency situations that may occur when taking care of children.

"I've actually had to perform the Heimlich maneuver on my husband and it was very bad and it could have be a very bad situation but luckily I knew it,” said Dickens.

This Friday’s training will provide basic life-saving skills including CPR, the use of an A.E.D, and the relief of choking for child and infant patients.

"Children, as long as they are doing something to help until help arrives,” said Dickens. “Especially if they are babysitting other kids, they need to know the basic steps.”

The class will be hosted in the education room at the YMCA of Port Arthur from 5pm to 7pm.

The class is currently full, however the YMCA will be offering another class in September.