Three Beaumont men say about 70 people are left jobless after an unemployment scam.

Brent Wise says he and about 15 people met a man at a Jasper hotel who claimed to be a project manager for a major oil company.

Wise says the man promised specific jobs for a company that does exist. They were told they would work on sites in Jasper and Tyler county.

Within five days about 70 people were on board only to find out it was all a lie. Some hotels were pulled into the scam.

Two rooms that house potential hires at the Best Value Inn in Jasper went unpaid.

Tammy's Kountry Kitchen in Sour Lake also became a meeting location. The man ordered meals totaling about $1000 but never paid the bill.

Wise says he and his brothers aren't really sure of the man's motive. Wise did say the man did have a "partner" who took their social security and bank account numbers. That partner is complying with authorities and has returned all information.

Wise is hoping local businesses and contractors can help the jobless who were scammed. If you know a job or contractor that is hiring Wise can be reached at 409-782-7626 or