The start of school doesn't just mean back to the books, for student athletes, it means back to the gym and gearing up for fall sports.

A word of advice from Dr. David Litner, an orthopedic surgeon, who says his office gets busy early in the school year

"It seems that most of the kids that tear their ACL's, tear them in the first part of the season, most kids that tear their shoulders tend to tear them in the first part of the season, we're not really sure why that is, whether it's conditioning or what not, but those are the more common ones that we see," says Litner.

Dr. Litner is the head physician for the Houston Astros, but he says the same injuries sideline athletes of all ages.

So, his advice to students and coaches, although lifting weights and running are good for conditioning, he says it is perhaps more important to focus on jumping and landing exercises because those can really train your muscles to protect the body from common injuries.